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Who We Are

Bleep101 is a free medical educational organisation set up by junior doctors. We provide comprehensive resources and guidance on how to run on-call simulation sessions for medical students. We believe that on-call simulation is invaluable in preparing students for their first on-call shift. To make this teaching more available to students we have set up an open library of on-call scenarios for facilitators to use.


Our scenario packs include everything: case descriptions, ward documents, investigations, gold-standard management plans and feedback forms.  Bleep101's highly-rated, exhilarating, informative, and realistic simulated on-calls take all the hassle out of preparation so that you can just enjoy the teaching session!

Meet the Team

Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott

Founder and director of Bleep101

IMT, Severn

Anive Grewal

Anaesthetics trainee, East Wessex

Maria Miles

Teaching Fellow, Bristol

Our team is enthusiastic about delivering high quality on-call simulation teaching to medical students and broadening Bleep101's reach. Thanks to a collaborative of like minded junior doctors, we've built a library of common on-call scenarios that many of us know all too well! 


Bleep101 is still growing and our aim is to establish our simulation programmes into medical school curricula and continue to expand our library of materials. If you're intersted in taking on a leadership role within Bleep101 or contributing as author, you can find out more on our Get Involved page and get in touch with the team.

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