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Who We Are

Bleep101 is a free medical educational organisation set up by junior doctors. We provide comprehensive resources and guidance on how to run simulated on-call teaching sessions for medical students. We believe that simulated on-call teaching is invaluable in preparing students for their first on-call shift. To make this teaching more available to students we have set up an open library of on-call scenarios for facilitators to use.


Our scenario packs include everything: case descriptions, ward documents, investigations, gold-standard management plans and feedback forms.  Bleep101's highly-rated, exhilarating, informative, and realistic simulated on-calls take all the hassle out of preparation so that you can just enjoy the teaching session!

On-call Scenarios

Want to design your own circuit of scenarios or use one of our ready made circuits? You can now either personalise your session by browsing through our selection of scenarios or cut straight to it and download a circuit designed by one of our team.


A wide range of on-call medical and surgical scenarios organised by specialty.

Red Beach Ball

Bleep101 has built a series of on-call scenario circuits for a ready made teaching session.

Join Us

Become an Author

We are looking for contributors to help us build our library of on-call scenarios. Using our ready made templates this is a quick and fun way to get involved in simulation design. Authors will be awarded with educational certificates for their contributions.

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