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Bleep teaching

At Bleep101, we believe in-situ simulation is an invaluable way to help medical students prepare for their first on-call shift.

That's why we've set up a free comprehensive teaching package to allow doctors to organise and deliver simulation with ease.


Simulated On-Call

for Medical Students

What the students had to say:

“...Definitely covered lots of skills we never learn in med school and rarely get to see or practice before starting for real. One of the most useful learning experiences I've had before starting F1....”

Our Aims and Objectives

Bleep101 aims to increase preparedness and confidence among final year medical students for their first ward cover shifts as F1s. Our simulated on-call programme is designed to  focus on skills such as:


A mixture of medical, surgical, prescribing, communication and distractor scenarios are delivered via bleeps. The sessions require students to prioritise a series of tasks and decide which to attend.


Students are required to gather information over the phone, communicate with other healthcare professionals, and handover to other members of the team

Escalating to seniors

The variety of scenarios allows students to decided whether a situation needs escalating to a senior colleague and practice communicating this across.

On-call Scenarios

Want to design your own circuit of scenarios or use one of our ready made circuits? You can now either personalise your session by browsing through our selection of scenarios or cut straight to it and download a circuit designed by one of our team.

A wide range of on-call medical and surgical scenarios organised by specialty.

Bleep101 has built a series of on-call scenario circuits for a ready made teaching session.

Simulation Scenarios
On-call Simulation Circuits

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Bleep 101 Virtual On-call for medical students
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